The Dusty Flowerpot Laboratories for FUSE at the VAG.


We at the Dusty Flowerpot Laboratories located on the 4rth floor of the Vancouver Art Gallery have been spending the weekend testing art and artists.  Organized by the obnoxiously enunciated art scout extraordinaire: Mz Bipiddy, we have been getting to the bottom of what makes art art, who arted, and how do the test subjects respond to art?  Mz. Bipiddy  has gathered a team of highly esteemed scientists from around the world to test a series of hypothesis’ on this matter, and with the help of the audience we are hoping to reach some sort of conclusion!

Mz. Bipiddy:

A Very important Art critic; with 4 phones linked to important Galleries around the world…
Eyes darting from the science monitor in search of the next big “marketable” artist!

Member’s of the Esteemed Team of Scientists from around the world:

Enrich Whasahalsyname, Dr. Scratchensniffen, Dr. Shulenhauser, and Profesor Stuffenmuffin…

Genius Inventor: Quark

Quark running his latest invention: The Conceptual/Performance Art Making Machine.
Running the Conception Art Making Machine with test subjects

The Emotometer

Dr.  Stuffenmuffin calibrating the Emotometer on a test subject.

Feeding the mainframe:


..and the Conclusion:

“Anyone has the ability to be an artist; though not everyone choses to be one!”


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