The Myrtle Family Reuniun!

The Myrtle Family Band
Grandma Beryl always liked a good serious shot! (of whiskey for photo-shoots)

Wow!  This just in:

The Myrtles are getting together for the first time in a loooong time for  a REUNION show!  Together again, there will be:  Gladys Myrtle, Shirl Myrtle and Enda Myrtle along with Bort Myrtle, Mimi Myrtle and Chlois Myrtle.  And, if that wasn’t enough, there is a rumour goin’round that the extended cousins; Cyrl Myrtle, Gertie Myrtle, Muddle Myrtle, Pearl Myrtle and maybe even Gramma Myrtle might be on route to meet up for this fabulous spectacle.

The family tree may be complicated, but the entertainment is pure for Myrtles are one talented musical family!  Raised as a traveling family band featuring the adorable pizazz of the Myrtle sisters,


 the enchanting Myrtle clan grew up singing and dancing for the people all across the land.  Life wasn’t easy as a Myrtle under the stiff training of Great Grandma and Grandpa Beryl and Burnie Myrlte, but the hard work paid off.  The Myrtles have engaged and delighted audiences for years and years with their wash-tub bass bouncing jug-time traditional jazz rip-offs,  their twinkly eyes and tinkling toes!

Please, prepare yourself to be mesmerized by:


@ the Dusty Flowerpot Cabaret Habitual

celebrating 5 years of creative process!

(click on the above link for show-time info!)

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