Shadow Play at the Vancouver Children’s Festival!


Well, I just spent a full week coordinating a Shadow Play tent with the Vancouver International Children’s Festival.  People came into the tent and either sat on a milk crate bench to watch the show being created, or went behind the curtain and became a creator of the show themselves.  I never did see so many sparkly eyes!  Kids of all ages were amazed by the simplicity of shadow puppets made from old cereal boxes and projected with either a flashlight or an overhead projector (ohp).  We were asked about coming to schools, or birthday parties.  The answer is yes.  Send me a message:!


Here I am eating a shadow birthday cake… which I did over and over much to my delight throughout the day!


Whats going on here?… looks like some kind of apocalyptic story!


The kids are in charge of the show!…

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