Crafting with Curlypaws

Crafting for a TV show

Does art imitate life?

I did some crafting for a TV show, and I can’t say what it is.  It was so fun to sit in a little room with two of my good witchie friends, making up spells, translating them into latin, forging diagrams, drawing skulls and stuff…. They took all our pages and aged them and bound them in a great big “grimoire”… here are some of my pre-aged, but photo filtered pages:

magic3 magic2 magic1In the first diagram shown here, as I was “channeling” made up magic words, the word “eaglin” slipped out.  When I got to the centre, I wrote “Sn” before I realized I was about to write Snooks.  Well the “s” at the end didn’t fit, but at I decided to pay homage to some of my favourite country blues artists.  Snooks Eaglin, Skip James, and Mance Lipscome.  Magic Men, albeit some bad asses as well.  The book will be on TV come this fall.

Mice Bodies

When I was in kindergarden, I remember that the teacher wrote on my report card that I was really good at cutting and glueing.  Well, it turns out that she was right, and now I get paid for it.  This crafting task was a challenging job, but I did meet a great contact with “Blue Square Studios”. I was asked to make a pattern for 13 different shaped personified mouse figures, and cut material to perfectly cover and glue down.  There were 13 in total, and by the end, I was a master.

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