April 9th

@ the Dusty Flowershop 2050 Scotia st.

Doot-dee-do-Beep Beep…..

Introduuuuucing!…….a sketch/variety comedy show featuring some of the many characters inside Candy; with special guest appearances by: Nayana Fielkov, Kat Single-Dain plus musical interludes by the one and only: PETUNIA.

This is a fundraiser show to raise production costs for Candice’s solo show, which include paying artist collaborators and purchasing technical equipment!  Please do come, it will be a time!!

…..and having said that… Stay tuned for Candice’s upcoming Solo show:

Ideas Bobert!

Campbell River; Solstice Studios: August 5th 2016

Victoria Fringe Festival: August 24th-Sept.4th 2016


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