Keynote Presentation

Re-Imagining Mental Health


My name is Candice Roberts and I am a 5th generation Canadian performing artist from unceded coast Salish Territories, Vancouver BC. I create original solo multimedia theatre productions and work in educating people of all ages in the connection and awareness skills that are based in physical theatre training.

In 2014 I was the recipient of the Mayor’s Arts Award for the creative combination of work I’ve done with ART, Mental Health and community building.

I had an idea to create a team of multidisciplinary arts and community facilitators to collaborate in designing and implementing arts, culture and community programming that was implemented within the BC Health System for folks in recovery with addictions and mental health issues. This program supported the emergence of community through meaningful forms of creative activity that modelled a culture of inclusion, empowerment, positive social interactions and shared interests.

Re-imagining Mental Health is an informative and entertaining presentation that shares my experience of bridging the 15 years of front-lines mental health work on the downtown eastside with the “preventative” or “recovery” creative work that is done through community building through the arts. Drawing upon performance, shadow puppetry and physical comedy skills, I facilitate an interactive experience that collectively re-imagines; what IS mental health? Together we speak about everyday creativity and the importance of the inclusion, diversity and connection with ourselves and others that creates healthy communities.

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