Physical Theatre for Kids

Lets build healthy mindsets and thriving communities from the get go! CREATIVE FOR LIFE!!

Physical Theatre For Kids PERFORMANCE SERIES ages 6-9ish

Do you know a creative kid????

This is an 8 week series for ages 6-9(ish) that will accumulate in a performance, facilitated by Candice Roberts, but created by the kids!

Throughout the course, we will learn HOW TO MAKE A SHOW! we will explore:
-character development,
-styles of performance
-story creation
-dance and music.

The last class on APRIL 24th will be a performance for friends and family!

The FUN games and exercises we work/play with contribute to the building of:
-self confidence, self identity (creative communication, thinking
-community identity (listening, collaborating, and supporting each other)
-emotional and physical awareness (it’s ok FEEL!)
-exploring eye contact, “seeing and being seen” (it’s ok to FEEL AWKWARD)

8 classes 120$
Tuesdays in March and April

I’d like this to be accessible.. so, if you feel this is out of your budget, or have more than 1 kid.. Lets negotiate!

email for registration and information.

Have a wee-er one? KINDER CLOWN for 4-5 year olds! (4 week series begins March 6th)