A Fool for Life!

A Fool for Life! 

Nothing in life is scripted. Everyday we improvise. Unexpected situations call for immediate improvisation! In this workshop we’ll exercise our ability to attentively listen to our intuition and act on our impulses in a fun and spontaneous way. There is no right or wrong! The games are designed to stimulate creative thinking and cultivate awareness of our bodies and minds so we can develop and stretch our abilities to express ourselves.

Available as a “one-off” or designed to develop into a performance this physical theatre workshop is also modified to fit ANY age group from from 3-4 yr olds, to kids, to youth, to adults.

This workshop offers participants a variety theatre games and exercises that promote physical and emotional awareness as well as “connection” skills through loosening up and finding comfort in vulnerability. Like any social and interactive skill, these can be learned and practiced to help overcome anxieties, recognize non-verbal communication, promote self discovery, mindful risk-taking, team building, critical thinking and creativity. Also it is FUN!