Our character, Dr. Cere Brum is on a quest for an answer- IS IT OK TO MAKE MISTAKES? When taking their research to the young experts of the classroom, more than a few foibles cause the Doctor to continuously fail. With help from the students, together they uncover how mistakes can help us learn and make new discoveries. Award winning inter-arts maestro Candice Roberts performs this fun and clever story about growth mindset and the creative process through a seamless weaving of shadow puppetry, original music, tap dance and physical comedy in this fun and interactive 30 minute theatrical experience.

Grade suitability: K to 7 (additional mini physical comedy/shadow puppet workshop preferable and included for grade 6/7)
COVID-Conscious Notes: Up to 3 performances spread throughout the day. The performer will need 6 feet spacing from the audience.
Format: IN PERSON programming (Lower Mainland only) or VIRTUAL- with zoom talk back (ALL OVER THE WORLD!)
Audience Capacity: Classroom up to 300 students
Tech setup: Ability to turn down the lights, 6ft between performer and students, hard surface for tap dancing
Price: $500 – $900 (depending on location and format)
Runtime: 30min plus 10 – 20 min artist talkback and Q&A

To book through artstarts follow this link: https://artstarts.tfaforms.net/3 (CANDY BONES THEATRE with OOPSIE)

Otherwise email CANDICE at candybonestheatre@gmail.com for a follow-up!