“It is impossible to summarize this spiritual experience as a viewer”

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Can a man get in touch with his femininity without losing his balls? Full of bold moves, masterful dance and hilarious wit, award winning character comedy artist Candice Roberts hit’s the spirit of our current cultural shift with her gender bending physical comedy. Sexy, stunning and uproariously funny, Get Lucky is a provocative take on the life of a simple “hoser’s” journey to becoming a better man.

Candice Roberts as Larry in Get Lucky2

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Meet Larry, from Moose Creek, BC Canada. He “ain’t no idiom”, and he’ll show you that he’s handier than a pocket on the back of a shirt and funnier than a one legged cat tryin’ to scratch a turd on a frozen pond. 

Larry is the theatre’s custodian. He’s here to “shoot the shit” with the audience and wants to prove that he has a heart-on of gold. He’ll show you that he’s worthy of a good woman and can quit swearing, quit drinking and even take up mediation.

Through Larry, Candice takes an opportunity to comment both comedically and incisively on the social constructs around gender stereotypes. She speaks to her personal experience as a woman raised in rural BC in the 80’s as played through a man character typical of her upbringing.

LARRY tackles feminism, politics and religion in a delightful form that embraces the full spectrum of the theatrical experience, including tap-dance, music and audience participation.

Running time: 60 minutes

Rated: 18+ Nudity, Course Language, Strobe