…A Gender Bending Feminist Physical Comedy….

“A unique, world class, moving piece of theatre/comedy/dance/clown/performance” Annette Loiselle, Artisic Director SkirtsAfire Festival, Edmonton

“It is impossible to summarize this spiritual experience as a viewer”- Edouard (via Steemit blog)

“This show is clever, cathartic, hilarious and wickedly compassionate. After the past few days of feeling anger and despair and exhaustion over the Kavanaugh hearings, this gender bending feminist physical comedy was deeply needed. Thank the gods for brave artists and the things they create, we would be so lost otherwise.”Jaqueline Russell 

Can a man get in touch with his femininity without losing his balls?

Award winning artist Candice Roberts hit’s the zeitgeist of our current cultural shift with her gender bending feminist physical comedy.

We all know a “LARRY”, that “harmless” Canadian small town model of passive masculine toxicity.  He “ain’t no idiom”, and he’ll be the first to tell you he has a heart on of gold. 

He wants to prove to you, that he can be a better man, that he can quit swearing and even take up meditation.

Bold, daring and uproariously funny, Larry’s internal exploration is more terrible and awesome than he ever thought was possible.

Candice Roberts as Larry in Get Lucky2

Electronic Press Kit

Larry is the theatre’s custodian. He’s here to “shoot the shit” with the audience until the real performer shows up.

Through Larry, Roberts takes an opportunity to comment both comedically and incisively on social constructs around gender stereotypes, tackling feminism, politics and small town Canadiana. She examines her experience as a woman raised in rural BC in the 80’s as played through a male stereotype character typical of her upbringing.

Running time: 60 minutes

Rated: 18+ Nudity, Course Language, Strobe