drawings of IDEAS BOBERT by kinders at Unsworth Elementary in Chilliwack, BC
Jan. 18th and 19th- Festival of Living Things, Kelowna, BC TICKETS HERE
Feb. 11th 2019 Macaulay Elementary School, Victoria, BC
Feb. 11th 2019 George Jay Elementary School, Victoria, BC
Feb. 12th 2019 Ruth King Elementary School, Victoria, BC
Feb. 13th 2019 Palsson Elementary School, Lake Cowichan, BC
Mar. 3rd 2019 Penticton Children’s showcase TICKETS HERE
Mar. 6th 2019 Act Theatre, Maple Ridge
April 18th 2019 Canyon/Lister Elementary, Canyon, BC
April 18th 2019 Adam Robertson Elementary, Creston, BC
April 19th 2019 Salmo Elementary, Salmo, BC
April 19th 2019 Brent Kennedy Elementary, BC
April 23rd 2019 Redfish Elementary, Nelson, BC
April 23rd 2019 Wildflower School, Nelson, BC
April 24th 2019 Winlaw Elementary School, Winlaw, BC
April 24th 2019 JV Humphries Elementary School, Kaslo, BC
April 25th 2019 Crawford Bay Elementary School, Crawford Bay, BC
April 26th 2019 Blewett Elementary, Nelson, BC
April 26th 2019 Hume Elementary, Nelson, BC
April 29th 2019 Alwin Holland Elementary, Fort St. John, BC
April 30th 2019 Wonowon School, Ft. St. John, BC
May 1st 2019 Taylor Elementary, Taylor BC
May 2nd 2019 Nukko Lake Elementary School, Prince George, BC
May 2nd 2019 Mackenzie Secondary, Mackenzie BC
May 3rd 2019 Pineview Elementary School, Prince George, BC
May 3rd 2019 Harwin Elementary, Prince George, BC
May 6th 2019 Edgewood Elementary School, Prince George
May 6th 2019 McBride Centennial, McBride, BC
May 7th  2019 Muheim Memorial,  Smithers, BC
May 7, 2019 Walnut Park Elementary,  Smithers, BC
May 8, 2019 Terrace Thornhill Primary, Thornhill, BC
May 8, 2019 Terrace Ecole Mountainview, Terrace, BC
May 9, 2019 Kitimat Mount Elizabeth Theatre, Kitimat, BC
May 9, 2019 Kitimat Mount Elizabeth Theatre, Kitimat, BC
Jan. 7th 2019 Garibaldi Highlands Elementary School
Jan. 8th 2019 Brackendale Elementary
Jan. 8th 2019 Mamquam Elementary
Jan. 9th 2019 Ecole Simon Cunningham School, Surrey, BC
Nov. 19th Langley-James Kennedy
Nov. 19th Surrey- Royal Heights Elementary
Nov. 26th Chilliwack-  Bernard Elementary
Nov. 26th Chilliwack- Cheam Elementary
Nov. 27th Chilliwack- Greendale Elementary
Nov. 27th Chilliwack- McCammon Elementary
Nov. 28th Chilliwack- Robertson Elementary
Nov. 28th Chilliwack- Little Mountain Elementary
Nov. 29th Chilliwack- Rosedale Traditional Elementary
Nov. 29th Chilliwack- East Chilliwack Elementary
Dec. 3rd Chilliwack- FG Leary Fine Arts
Dec. 3rd Chilliwack- Sardis Elementary
Dec. 4th Chilliwack- Watson Elementary
Dec. 4th Chilliwack- Yarrow Elementary
Dec. 5th Chilliwack- Vedder Elementary
Dec. 6th Chilliwack- Tyson Elementary
Dec. 6th Chilliwack- Strathcona Elementary
Dec. 7th Chilliwack- Cultus Lake Elementary
Dec. 7th Chilliwack- Promontory Elementary
Dec. 10th Chilliwack- Chilliwack Central Elementary
Dec. 10th Chilliwack- Evans Elementary
Dec. 17th Chilliwack- Unsworth Elementary
Jan. 7th 2019 Garibaldi Garibaldi Highlands
Jan. 8th 2019 Brackendale Brackendale Elementary
Jan. 9th 2019 Surrey Ecole Simon Cunningham School


May 23rd to June 3rd rEvolver Festival, Vancouver, BC
July 2019 Winnipeg Fringe Festival
August 2019 Edmonton Fringe Festival
September 2019 Vancouver Fringe Festival


Feb. 4, 2019 Langdale Elementary, Gibsons, BC
Feb. 4, 2019 Gibsons Elementary, Gibsons, BC
Feb. 5, 2019 Cedar Grove Elementary, Gibsons, BC
Feb. 5, 2019 Roberts Creek Elementary, Roberts Creek, BC
Feb. 6, 2019 Davis Bay Elementary, Sechelt, BC
Feb. 6, 2019 Kinnikinnick Elementary, Sechelt, BC
Feb. 7th 2019 West Sechelt Elementary, Sechelt, BC
Feb. 7th 2019 Halfmoon Bay Elementary, Sechelt, BC
Feb. 8th 2019 Madeira Park Elementary, Madeira Park, BC
Mar 1st 2019 Mahon Hall Salt Spring Island 2:30pm INFO HERE
Mar 1st 2019 Beaver Point Hall, Salt Spring Island 9:00pm INFO HERE