Mastery for Beginners: WEEK 1

Let’s face it. We’re not getting any younger. The time has come to go big or go home. James C. Collin’s author of Good to Great says: “Good is the enemy of great”….”Few people attain great lives, in large part because it is just so easy to settle for a good life.”  I’ll be honest and tell you that I haven’t actually read the book, but I saw the quote in an article I ready by Benjamin Hardy . It REALLY resonated with me. People often tell me how “talented” I am. I do accept that I am “good” at a lot of skills, however it is now time for me to choose one or two things and get great. So what is it going to be?  

Through some deep investigation into the “WHY” I do what I do, I have found that tap dancing is something that keeps coming back.  I use it in all of my theatre shows and as connection tool in creativity education. It fires up my spirit, which feeds my self confidence and self worth, which has me living with greater purpose, which opens me up to connecting deeper with friends and family, which has me feeling seen, heard and understood. So yeah, super important for me to be tap dancing. Who knew? At the moment my ability is on the edge of great so I’m taking it beyond.

What does Mastery look like? It has been said that mastery is gaining a high level of proficiency and depth of understanding in a discipline. To me it is instant execution from thought or intention to action that includes an interesting and original style. Or as my friend Jesse says in relation to music (and I’m paraphrasing); “An ease in getting what is inside of me, outside of me”. So for tap dancing, it is hearing the rhythm and simultaneously creating it with my feet and body in a unique way. I aim to be highly proficient at tap dance improvising, at creating interesting choreography, at developing character and feeling through movement and rhythm. That’s what I’m doing. 

They say the road to mastery is a lonely road, but does that have to be so? Sure there is a lot of time dedicated to practice, but this week alone I participated in 2 group classes which were fun and social. I spent 2 hours this week teaching what I’ve learned to the Myrtle Sisters and that is always so full of laughs. Next week I begin a contemporary class that will also feed into the interesting ways I can move my body to accompany the rhythms.  All of that is a lot less lonely than Netflix and facebook.  Not to mention, the part where all of this feeds my self worth, which feeds my ability and desire to connect more deeply with other humans. Having said all of that I do understand that there are times when the priority to practice may be chosen over spending time with a loved one, and that may feel lonely. Will it be worth it? I don’t know, but I can only imagine that a greater sense of self satisfaction will bring about a higher quality of presence when I am with my friends and family.

So here is where I tip my hat to the process. FULL RESPECT to the process! Do you know how hard it was for me to film this little video? “NOT READY!!!!!” says that voice. (You know that voice right?) I need to be a little better first. Wait… a little MORE better. But mastery begins NOW. This is my process. This is where I am at RIGHT NOW.

I am 100% in loving acceptance of who I am and where I am at in this exact moment.

In his book Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell, he claims that it takes an average of 10,000 hours of dedicated practice to reach mastery. In low balling the amount of time I have thus far put towards building a foundation of tap, I think that I am at about 500 hours. That includes 5 years of teenage weekly classes and as an adult, I’m sure I’ve put forward a couple hundred hours developing material for my tap and uke class as well as creation time for the Myrtle Family Band. This week, on my path to mastery I have put in 8 hours. Only 9,492 hours to go!

Here is to week 1.


Creativity Class for Kids!


4 week series/ 60$/ age range 6-9(ish)
January 9th, 16th, 23rd and 30th~

email: to register!

Looking for a gift for that creative kid age 6-9ish?  Sign them up for this! (and I will give you a crafty hand-made gift certificate)

Do you know a child that has flair for performing? Are they always entertaining you and the guests? playing dress-up? creating dances? making costumes?

Send them me to hone those skills and passions!


We will practice and play with rhythm and melody, tap dancing, and physical theatre. The games and exercises in this class are designed to be fun while promoting physical and emotional awareness, listening skills as well as connection to self and to others. 

I’d like this to be accessible.. so, if you feel this is out of your budget, or have more than 1 kid.. Lets negotiate!

About the instructor~
Candy Roberts was the 2014 recipient of the Mayor’s Arts Award for her work in creativity and community. She might just be Vancouver’s only tap-dance ukulele instructor and is the band leader of the critically acclaimed Myrtle Family Band. After 10 years plus of writing, producing and clowning with Jessie Award nominated Dusty Flowerpot Cabaret Society, Candy ventures forward as Artistic Director of Candy Bones Theatre, a platform for producing original solo works. Candy Bones Theatre presents; IDEAS BOBERT: a multi-media physical comedy show, and CANDY BONES: a one woman sketch comedy!

Festival of Hallows

Hallowsfestposter 5
I’ve been working with the Gathering Place Community Centre in creating a fun and meaningful Halloween Event that partners with the Mexican Consulate and outreach services of the Vancouver downtown area.  We have been creating workshops and presentations about different traditions in honouring loved ones who’ve passed on. This event is a multi-cultural sharing that will have Mexican, First Nations, Guatemalan, and Celtic traditions shared. We would like this festival to grow to include as many cultures and heritages that are interested in participating. 
Workshops facilitated by Mexican and Guatemalan Artists in creating personal and community shrines are happening over the next two weeks at Directions Youth Services, Coast Health, Inner City Youth, Positive Living and the Gathering Place. All communities, cultures and heritages are invited to create and bring memorials that reflect their own traditions and honour their ancestors and loved ones who’ve passed on.
We have a First Nations artist creating a community shrine at the Gathering place. The Mexican consulate is creating a memorial to the lives lost in the recent earthquake, and Positive Living is bringing an AIDS memorial. These as well as the community shrines created through the workshops.  People are encouraged to bring their own personal or community shrines or a photo of a loved one whose passed on.
On Tuesday the 31st, all of these community built shrines will be installed together, with flowers and candles and an opportunity people to interact with the installation, by lighting a candle, or writing a note, or bringing a photo. There will also be a mariachi band, a candle lit labyrinth, free food, candy, and a procession for the dead, through the downtown core with the carnival band, rolling shrines and giant puppets.
Hope to see you there!

Graphic Design

I am honoured to have been the artistic director for design and graphics on the latest album put out by Petunia and the Vipers! I welcome, Lonesome, Heavy and Lonesome into the world!

I am pleased with how the printing turned out! It is now out and available to purchase….. and receiving some excellent reviews! Read one HERE if you like!

….and go HERE If you’d like to buy a copy!

Precision 12 Inch Jacket Template

MAY 27th! Double CANDY feature!


2050 Scotia Street
(back alley entrance by the loading bay)
10$ (Parents free when they are with their children.. grown-up children count!)
click HERE to get your tickets!

“Impossible to resist”- Montreal Gazette 

“That was the best show I’ve ever seen”- Stella Roberts age 6

A Ridiculous and preposterous delight for the entire family!
Do you listen to the cogs that whir in your head, or the song of your heart that flutters in your chest? Teetering on the brink of absolute failure, love-sick Bobert discovers his heart to be more than he knew. From award winning creator Candy Roberts comes a whimsical brew of physical comedy and conundrum.  Like Ginger Rogers meets Mr. Bean, Ideas Bobert dances with the absurd.
8:00pm! (doors at 7:30; come for a drink!)
2050 Scotia Street
(back alley entrance by the loading bay)
click HERE to get your tickets!

The multi-personas of an introvert exposed- A sketch comedy~

“Candy Robert’s is one talented lady! I haven’t laughed that much in a long time”

“Absolutely Brilliant”

Come meet the quirky characters that reside inside Candy as they charm their way into your heart! Fun! Absurd! Hilarious! Like Carol Burnett meets Fred Astaire! Like Saturday Night Live, but with one person…. It’s Candy Bones!

The Candy and Nonny Show!

Hey Salt Spring!!!


You didn’t know it, but you’ve been waiting for it!
What is it?

It’s the world premiere of Candy and Nonny Show!

Come on out and see their famous bits!

Be wowed by The Fabulous Myrtle Sisters!
Have a beer with Larry the F’n Dude!
Fall asleep with Dream Girl
Learn life lessons over Lunch with Loretta!
Magic! Dancing! Sequins! (maybe)

Maybe hook up with one of them!
They’re partly single!

10$ at the Door!
Any questions? (no goats were harmed in the making of this show!)