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Did I ever tell you that I was a “Woman of the Month” for March of 2013?  I was invited by Dolly Hopkins; Creative Architect, and a power house around these parts to answer some questions about my creative life and the creative process.  I first met Dolly about 14 years ago, when she was running tings at “Public Dreams”.  She brought my then performance troupe (Nucleus) to Edmonton for the “Street Busking Festival” where we had pivotal experiences in street performing and “passing the hat”.  Dolly is a bit of a mentor to me; as we do the same work(play) in building community through creativity.


Dolly Hopkins

Here is the interview with me from her website, and you can click HERE for the full spread!

Woman of the Month-Candice R. Curlypaws

Written by Dolly on February 27th, 2013


What does it mean to you to be creative?

I feel that “being creative” increases our ability to empathize, listen, think critically and problem solve. Being creative to me, comes down to a sense of connection with ourselves and with others, giving us a deeper and broader range of ways to express our feelings and maybe most importantly, to feel understood.

What triggers your creativity? 
Besides a good challenge (“Necessity is the mother of invention”); it is curiosity and excitement that trigger my creativity. Sometimes nothing more than I wanted to see what would happen if…

What hinders your creativity?
Self-sabotage and judgment. It is very important for me to be good to myself; healthy food, substantial sleep, encouraging thoughts, gentleness and kindness to thine own self. Its true!

What’s the wildest journey your venturesome spirit has taken you on? 
People can never guess my age; and I do believe it is because I am always pushing my boundaries for new and exciting experiences. Even if It seems like I may be doing the same thing in the same physical space; really I am curiously exploring and uncovering layers of taking an experience to a new and deeper realm. More specifically; a great discovery and wild journey I had was bicycle touring with my partner down the coast of Spain and into Morocco. We rode anywhere from 4 to 8 hours a day; slept on beaches, in public parks, and circus squats. We met crazy beautiful clowns and characters, cooked big pots of beans over fires and by the time we met with Morocco, we were: 22 wheels, 10 humans and 2 dogs playing and performing as we rolled. Now that was adventure! (And I am craving to do that again!!)

What does being bold and provocative mean to you?
As creative and exploratory as I am; I also can be quite timid and shy. Being bold to me is speaking out, it is asking questions when I don’t understand, saying NO, saying YES and not being afraid of being judged. Being bold and provocative is being vulnerable and authentic, it is being courageously myself as I am, where I am at; raw, expressive and available for continual transformation.

 What’s next for you? 

I am finishing up a custom ordered art-doll; and playing some fun shows with the Myrtle Family Band before cutting the edge of Vancouver’s winter by returning to New Orleans for a few months. There I will stir my creative juices into a gumbo of dance, music, theatre and puppets and return to the west coast in time for spring rehearsals of a collaborative re-mounting of Dusty Flowerpot’s hit show: Hard Times Hit Parade set for November on Salt Spring Island. June has me facilitating an interactive shadow-puppet play-world for the Vancouver Children’s Fest, July has me at week long tap-dance camp and then we’re off on a Myrtle Family Band tour of the cutest art festivals in BC. While all of these wonderful creative adventures are happening, I am also scheming and organizing that bicycle touring pop-up stage-trailer; the making of, the financial support and the peddling cast of crazy-talented characters who will join in! I think September would be a nice time for a bicycle touring show, what do you think?

And here’s something that inspires her creativity:


The empowered and supportive ladies in my life; including my mom!

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