Poupon Parade

Candy, Alastair, Nayana, Christache, Travis, Kat, and Jack!

How about a little Nincompoupery?

Wooha.. heh..heh.. wipes brow.  How lucky am I to prioritize my time to include 3 days of clowning in a week! (statement)  Not all fun and games, for there are parts of deep focus, fear facing and the sharing of vulnerability are leading up to our event: Poupon Parade: the Eternal Debut 2 coming up Feb. 21 and 22nd.


Last week, we Poupon Paraders took a field trip to the Vancouver Art Gallery for FUSE; where under the coordination of Kat Single-Dain and created as a group, we turned an old law courtroom into a set for pretend filming of a TV series.  There were 2 rows of costumes that the public had to choose from and wear to enter and be cast as “extra” in our show.  We self selected ourselves to play; hair and makeup; a costumer, a director, a producer, a camera person, casting, etc… and cast willing key members of the audience take more prominent rolls such as the judge, the defendant or witnesses to be facilitated by the directer.  It was an experiment and the results were fantastic.  General Public came in, were playful and very willing and by the last shoot were quite drunk and unruly.  Disorder in the Court!!

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